Axis Zeon (usually simply called Neo Zeon) are the antagonists of Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ and are the second half of the anatagonistic force in Knights of the Multiverse Season 2. A portion of them tried to stage a coup, calling themselves the {creatively titled) Glemy Faction.



Mobile Suits

Axis Zeon's Mobile Suit arsenal is a very mixed bunch, consisting of old Zeon suits used during the One Year War, suits used by the Titans and even the AEUG, and other newly-developed suits.

Junior Mobile Suits

In addition to the normal Mobile Suits, smaller mobile suits, dubbed "Junior Mobile Suits", were developed to go into places that normal Mobile Suits couldn't reach and get more up-close and personal with the opponents they face during their quest across the Multiverse.


As the war progressed, Axis started to develop their own series of Gundams, under the idea to turn the image of their greatest enemy during the One Year War into some of their greatest assets. Most of them are based off of other Gundams that they've collected data on from other parts of the Multiverse and mass-produced suits based off of other existing Gundams, such as the Zeta Gundam and Hyaku Shiki:

Mobile Armors

Aircraft, Spacecraft & Other Weapons

Cruisers, Mother Ships & Fortresses



Season 2


A good number of the Mobile Suits seen in the series (particularly the older ones) are in reference to the Zeon Remnants in Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn.

In addition to the suits pulled in from Gundam Unicron, this version of Axis Zeon uses mobile suits and battleships taken from other Gundam universes, some of them even used by the Earth Federation. To help these mobile suits fit into the faction a little better, their designations have all been changed to "AMX" (the normal designation given to Zeon mobile suits), and all the non-Gundams have been given the classic mono-eye (helped by how a good number of them have simple visors).

The Hamma Hamma is the only mobile suit from the original Gundam ZZ series not featured in KotM due to, quite frankly, its incredibly ridiculous design.

While this might be one of the more controversial inclusions in KotM, the only non-Gundam mechs included that Axis uses are the famous Scopedogs and its varients from Armored Trooper VOTOMS, which have been included to give the Knights a human-sized (well, sort of, since they're all mostly 3.8 meters/12.48 feet in size), though rest assured, they will not take the spotlight away from the other, larger Mobile Suits. Plus, it sort of works in canon since A.) the Scopedogs bare a striking resemblance to Zeon's famous Zaku II, and B.) the Universal Century and other Gundam shows already has mobile suits somewhat similar to the Dogs, such as the Junior Mobile Suit (from which these units get their designations, "JMS"), the Zuck (which is actually referred to as a Petite Mobile Suit, but "Junior" felt like a more fitting word) and the Mobile Workers in Iron Blooded Orphans. And to make sure their presence isn't overexerted, only the mechs used by grunt forces are featured in KotM, with character-specific mechs (on the good guys' side, at least) or mechs used specifically for the show's gladiatorial-type mecha tournament called "Battling" like the Berserga DT, WP & Imitate, the Brutishdog, Strong Bacchus have been omitted.

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