Asuka Langley Soryu is a character from Neon Genesis Evangelion and is a reoccurring character in The Knights of the Multiverse, introduced in Season 1. After all the trauma she had gone through on her own Earth, she finally finds herself free and with people who actually care about her well-being by joining The Knights in their universe-traveling, supervillain fighting escapades. For a time, she piloted God Sigma for Seasons 1 & 2, then transferring to Shin Getter Two in Season 3.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Once a proud individual that would always boast about her piloting skills and violently lash out whenever someone "argued" with her, Asuka just... doesn't have that kind of strength anymore. After being beaten by several of Angels and upstaged several times by her fellow EVA pilots, and then to have the Angel Arael penetrate her mind and tear down all her walls, she's been left as a very vulnerable, insecure, and scared young girl. She's lost and confused, not helped by how she's been taken away to some unknown world. Still though, as she does spend more time around the other Knights, she learns to be more open both to assistance from them and to having fun every now and then, especially thanks to the Getter Team acting as her mentors and with teammates like Usagi teaching her that sometimes its okay to act her age once and a while.

History[edit | edit source]

Pre-Series[edit | edit source]

When Asuka was only four years old, her mother, Kyoko Zeppelin Soryu (who worked as a scientist for the German branch of NERV) participated in a contact experiment with Eva Unit 02. She thankfully survived the test, but the experience drove her insane, believing that one of Asuka's dolls was actually her daughter, only ever acknowledging Asuka as "that girl over there".

Season 1[edit | edit source]

Arrival[edit | edit source]

Having fallen into a portal, Asuka found herself in a city back alley, where she passed out from hunger loss. She was picked up by some of the team while they were looking for a portal they had detected in a city (which was obviously the one that brought her here). They quickly took her back to the NP/S Labs and brought her to the med bay. After a while, she was able to move about fairly well after getting some food into her, but she wouldn't speak.

She makes a brief cameo in the second episode of the season, "Homecoming", where she is briefly seen during dinner, sitting at a table very far away from the rest of the cast, with some of the group mentioning how no one really knows what went down in her home dimension, but the team's higher ups have told them to keep her distance and let her speak up whenever she feels like she's ready. This is to show the audience how far she's fallen after the events of her home series.

Season 2[edit | edit source]

Three-Way War[edit | edit source]

Season 3[edit | edit source]

Skills & Equipment[edit | edit source]

  • Piloting
  • Photon Weaponry

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Shinji Ikari[edit | edit source]

In her home universe, whenever Shinji would try to get close to her, Asuka would blow him off with insults to keep herself from letting anyone in her head. Of course, after her soul-searching when she was pulled into Earth Prime, when she returned, she tried to reconcile with Ikari even after all she had done, to no avail.

Rei Ayanami[edit | edit source]

Stemming from her traumatic experiences as a child, Asuka used to hate Rei for being nothing more than a doll, doing anything her commander told her to do without question, even killing herself if she was ordered to.

Elchi Cargo[edit | edit source]

Catra[edit | edit source]

Kamille Bidan[edit | edit source]

Kamille acts as a surrogate older brother to Asuka, giving her the type of parental-type figure she probably always needed; someone to give her the emotional support she needs, but always there to also knock her down when she gets too over her head. He immediately saw the potential she had as a freedom fighter, but knew that she had a problem with letting out her more vulnerable side.

Usagi Tsukino[edit | edit source]

Usagi is Asuka's closest friend on the team. The young princess offered something really no one in her life offered her before: actual companionship. Someone who would stick by her side through all her faults and look out for her safety. Even when Asuka finally confessed how much of a terrible person she was back on her world, Usagi stayed right by her side, saying that the fact that she realized how she acknowledged her faults was enough for them. Besides, that wasn't the Asuka that she knew.

Atros[edit | edit source]

Atros is Asuka's second closest companion on the team. The two formed an immediate bond as two lost souls trying to find their purpose (or, in Asuka's case, a new reason to live). This mostly stems from how much she reminds her of herself: being so full of spirit and child-like wonder but being used by bigger people as nothing more than a weapon.

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Nyoka[edit | edit source]

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Notes[edit | edit source]

Asuka's story in this series occurs after episode 24 of the original Evangelion anime, right before the events of the End of Evangelion film.

For a good chunk of Season 1, Asuka mostly keeps to herself, only speaking up occasionally and having huge fits of violence in battle while the team helps to rehabilitate her. In fact, she actually acts a lot like Ayanami did in the original Evangelion, which is all the more ironic given how often she criticized her behavior there. Added onto that, in season 2, she bahaves like Shinji as well. However, this behavior is actually partially inspired by the depiction of Dinobot Grimlock in the IDW Transformers comic, where the Decepticon Scorponok tortured him to the point he incurred brain damage, but was found by his own group of misfits, a group of screwup Decepticons called the Scavengers, who helped him speak, read and write again, while Grimlock only occasionally speaking (at one point in the comic, he had a record of only saying seven words at most). Though of course, unlike Grimlock, Asuka is still able to speak fluently, she just doesn't feel like she has the strength to at this time.

To represent how far she's trying to distance herself from her time at NERV, her red Interface Headset that held her twin tails is eventually replaced with two beads, similar to the ones she wore when she was a child.

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