This page is a subpage for the android dopplegangers of the original pilots of the original Zambot 3. For the ruler of original characters, see Zambot Team.

The Android Zambot Team are a group of characters in The Knights of the Multiverse made to resemble characters from Invincible Steel Man Zambot 3. They are a small group of androids created by Dr. G of L.O.V.E.M.U.F.F.I.N. created to pilot their Replica Zambot 3, mostly to mess with The Knights before destroying them from the inside.



Season 1

The Android replicas of the Zambot team were created by Dr. G in another plan to destroy the Knights from the inside. While they were fully aware that they were simply androids made to look like the legendary heroes of the Imperial Wars, they were given their human counterparts' personalities and memories using all the data they could find on the trio. They were also constructed with bombs inserted into them that were set to go off at a moment of her choosing.


The idea of the Zambot Team's android dopplegangers and a replica of Zambot 3 being used by an antagonist force is an idea completely original to KotM, mostly to give Zambot 3 (the series) a bit more exposure in the series. Plus, it serves as another example as to how dark and twisted the L.O.V.E.M.U.F.F.I.N. organization can get. However, the idea of bombs being implanted into their body is partially inspired by a plot point from the original Zambot 3 series.

It should be made frank that even though the Android Zambot team have their personalities and appearances based off of the original Zambot team, they are not meant to act as a one-to-one copy of the originals. Therefore, they should be considered their own separate characters.

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