Amy (or Amethyst 8XM) is a main character from Steven Universe and one of the main characters introduced in the second season of The Knights of the Multiverse. An Amethyst soldier left in the Kindergarten for too long, she was soon discovered and taken in by a pair of Knights.

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Due to her being (unknowingly) left in the Kindergarten long after the rest of her sisters, Amy is nowhere near disciplined. She acts more like a child than a soldier, and has some animal-like tendencies, such as her sometimes walking around on all fours.

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While the rest of Pink Diamond's quartz soldiers emerged from the Kindergarten, for whatever reason, Amethyst 8XM didn't emerge with the rest of them.

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This version of Amethyst takes most of her cues from how Amethyst was portrayed in the Steven Universe episodes "Story for Steven", "We Need to Talk" and "Greg the Babysitter", right down to her appearance.