Amity Blight is a character from The Owl House and is a major character in The Knights of the Multiverse. She's a teenage witch in training from the Boiling Isles, a dimension where magical creatures are real and humans are despised, before her chance meeting with the Crystal Knights and joining them on their strange escapades.

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Amity can best be described as bright and competitive. She's the Top Student at her school and likes to brag about it. She often looks down on others and teases them, and doesn't like it when anyone is better than her at anything, being quite the teacher's pet.

She does, however, conceal a softer side, as shown by how often she does little nice things for her younger teammates, tries to play fair in games around the base, and is genuinely grateful to those who help her when she gets in too over her head. But, she often gets so caught up with her more competitive side with trying to be the best witch, not helped the pressure put on her by the constant bullying from her older siblings, that she’s become outwardly cold and bitter to hide her vulnerability so as to not get hurt. She has managed to lighten up a little bit thanks to the influence of her newfound friends on the Knights, but it's a tedious process.

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  • Magic

Amity is highly skilled in magic and is recognized as being top of her class. Like all witches, her magic comes from a sack of magic bile attached to her heart.

  • Abominations: Amity is on the abomination track at Hexside where she has demonstrated high level skill in the creation and control of abominations.
  • Fireball: Amity can generate fireballs after training on the Knee. Initially she needed a training wand to create fireballs but she has since learned to cast the spell on her own.
  • Barrier Cage: Amity can create a tall, circular cage that causes mild pain when touched.

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