The Allied Robot Corps is a team that existed about a decade prior to the events of The Knights of the Multiverse. Acting as Earth Prime's version of The Justice League, the team comprised of the planet's mightiest (human) warriors.

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These are other robots that appeared alongside the main cast during the events of the Imperial Wars. These robots were all destroyed in the final battle with the Mycenae Empire, and are all resting in The Graveyard of Giants.

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For the most part, mech pilots mostly worked separately form each other, with the only exception being when the mech itself was controlled by a group of pilots, such as the Combattler team. That all changed the day the Mycenae Empire rose up from their underground ruins to retake the surface world. With most of the Kajiu held on Monster Island, the ancient empire became the planet's greatest threat, with them destroying several key cities mere minutes upon their arrival. With Mazinger Z defeated and Great Mazinger being unleashed to tackle the threat, a flurry of heroes piloting mechs came up through the woodwork to fight off this new evil, including the veteran Battle Team and Combattler V. Even the Getter Team was called in to tackle the threat every now and then while the Dinosaur Empire rose up to attack (no relation between the two empires, was just inconvenient timing).

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The team's name is taken from the group of the same name from the Getter Robo Go manga. You can see information on this team here.

The team is completely made up of classic super robots from around the 1970's era (or, at the very least, the ones worth mentioning). As should be obvious to most fans of Power Rangers, the other Robots seen in the ARC are robots from early Super Sentai shows. However, to fit them a little closer to mechs such as the Mazingers, Jeeg and Daimos, the ones featured come from shows that came before the turn of the century, minus the animal-themed ones. (Also, most of them are never seen transforming or separating into their individual parts, so that part is left up to interpretation.)

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