Allenby Beardsley is a character from Mobile Fighter G Gundam and is a major character in The Knights of the Multiverse. Though mostly preferring to do her own thing, she frequently works alongside Sunset Shimmer to watch over the younger Crystal Knight members (to varying degrees of success). She's also the pilot of the Nobel Gundam.

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After breaking free of her home country after the Gundam Fight, Allenby is a free-spirited young woman, trying out any new experience she can. This does, unfortunately, make her oblivious to some social cues. This mostly stems from how she had very little interaction with the outside world while she was being trained in Neo Sweden. However, she is very kindhearted, as she does truly care about her newfound friends. She's also quite witful thanks to her training, able to snuff out her opponent's tricks very quickly.

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Abandoned as a child, Allenby was taken in by the Neo-Swedish space forces to train in the Gundam Fight. While there, she became the victim of a series of cruel military-run experiments to create the perfect Gundam fighter. The key to this was the Berserker System, which used radio frequencies to turn her into an uncontrollable savage, raising her fighting abilities by 120%. When she finally entered the 13th Gundam Fight, she met Neo Japan's fighter Domon Kasshu in a gaming arcade where she had been winning all of her matches in a fighting simulation, until she fought Domon and the two ended in a draw. In the two's match the next day, Domon was able to overload the Berserker System by reaching out to her. After this, she became a ally in Domon's trek through the finals, helping him train and even teaming up with him in a tag-team fight.

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