Akira Hibiki is a character from Brave Raideen and is a major character introduced in the first season of The Knights of the Multiverse. A member of the former Allied Robot Corps during the war against the Mycenae Empire, he is the last remaining descendant of the Mu race, an ancient tribe that was almost completely wiped out by the Mycenaeans centuries ago. He's also a world-renowned soccer player/coach and is the pilot of the ancient mech, Raideen.

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Like his ARC brothers-in-arms, Akira is a fiery young man, eager to jump into Raideen's cockpit and fight off otherworldly invaders. Once he has his mind set to something, he'll do everything within his power to get it accomplished (and even when he doesn't have). Despite this, he's surprisingly coolheaded in casual conversation, though he does have a habit of changing the subject to demons and demon hunting. However, his anger can often cloud his judgment, and his stubbornness can sometimes leave him biting off more than he can chew without backup.

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As other descendants of an ancient race (as well as another pilot), the Zambot team and Akira became close friends, with Akira becoming a mentor of sorts to them. As such, Akira was affected the most by their deaths, leading him to distance himself from the other ARC pilots until the events of the series.

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To tie the original Raideen series into the Earth Prime timeline, the original series' villains, the Demon Empire, has been swapped out for the Mycenae Empire.

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