Adora is the main character from She-Ra and the Princesses of Power and is a supporting character in The Knights of the Multiverse, introduced in Season 1. Originally a soldier in the Evil Horde, she and her best friend Catra were separated and flew into different parts of the Multiverse, where she met up with several other heroes to battle against any evil that appears (sound familiar?).

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Adora is a brave competative and noble warrior and is true to her own values. Despite making her decision to leave the Horde and join the Knights, Adora has been shown to be most comfortable following rules and sticking to plans. She is not entirely socially competent, having been raised in a military environment, and therefore is typically very blunt and always prefers to be prepared for battle. She is also shown to be unaware of certain familial terms like 'Dad'.

Adora's heroic deeds, power and positivity begin to grow as she and her friends continue to battle against evil from across the Mutltiverse. She suffers from occasional clumsiness sometimes, especially when trying to control her powers and weaponry, and struggles with pressure when discussing certain strike plans. Despite all this, Adora works to overcome her fear and become a powerful warrior to protect innocent people from others' tyranny.

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Adora is very skilled in combat. She's also surprisingly strong, able to lift a standard battle-type Robots#Androids over her head.

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